August 07, 2008

Chocolates can make your feet small?

(Foreword: The photo and words on this post are all from FFO yahoo group.This does not aim to make fun of these sexy ladies in the picture below... for in fairness to them,being sexy does not necessarily mean that they need to have small waists or curvaceous bodies, for they too, are beautiful in their own rights.)

A forwarded e-mail:


Warning About Chocolate

Do you eat chocolate?!

We were raised on chocolate as kids
and even into adulthood.

I will never eat it again. I hope you will
throw yours away whenever you get
given any from now on. It seems as though
nothing is safe to eat anymore.

This is what happens when you eat
chocolate!This is a warning, send this
to everyone you care about.
It could happen to you.......or them.

Chocolate will make your feet small!!

Warn everyone !!


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